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At Back to Health, chiropractic care is our true passion, and it's something we feel is an oft-overlooked, important piece missing from conventional medicine today. By correcting the spine's sublaxations and opening the proper flow of energy, our bodies are capable of living truly wonderful, pain free, happy lives. Or as Dr. Molly always says when asked why, with a full scholarship offered to conventional medical school, she went to Life University's chiropractic college she states the simple answer: "because I know it is right."

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While we start all of our patients on a chiropractic adjustment treatment plan, some people need something... extra. Ever since the Great Depression in America back in 1929 and into the 1930s when food was scarce and manufacturers and farmers needed to feed more people with less food, all manner of chemicals and toxins have been added. Sure, the reason may have been a good one - as noted, to stretch foodstuffs as far as they could to feed as many people as possible; but the outcome, once the Depression ended, has meant a better yield per unit of whatever item a manufacturer produces - and that means bigger returns.

Sadly it's really that simple.

Some theorize it's these toxins, heavy metals, and chemical compounds found in "cheaper" food sources that has caused or contributed1 to the rise of allergies, gluten intolerance or celiac disease, many types of cancers, and so much more. The body is a machine after all, and just like how your car runs terribly with leaded gasoline, so too does your body with lead in our food and water.

So what does Standard Process whole food supplements have to do with this?

On top of chiropractic care in the Vermont area, Dr. Molly is also an expert at Nutrition Response Testing. While you can learn all about that here, suffice to say if Dr. Molly finds that you could benefit from a nutrition treatment plan, that's where Standard Process comes in.

In short, Standard Process whole food supplements are the only nutrition supplement on the market that is 100% farm to table - in other words the production goes from seed to plant to pill form all on the same Wisconsin farm, and more importantly they're the only supplement available through medical professionals only. Unlike the stuff you find at a GNC, retail pharmacy, grocery store, or even online vitamin shops, all of the Standard Process line is whole food. In comparison, the aforementioned "cheap alternatives" are all chemicals derived from labs. Is the Vitamin C you bought at your local pharmacy Vitamin C? Yes. But it's a synthesized version of the chemical compound called Vitamin C. In Standard Processes realm, everything is made from real, edible foodstuffs.

Learn a bit more about Standard Processes below.

1 Back to Health nor Dr. Molly makes any claims that food is the cause of the noted ailments, only that there is anecdotal evidence that we ingest a lot of toxic stuffs, heavy metals, chemicals, and the like.

2 Changing Lives Standard Process Documentary from Standard Process Inc. on Vimeo. Used through the Fair Use Act, May 1, 2019.

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