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Pillows and Back Supports

Pillows: 1) D-core -large 2) D-core - petite 3) Water pillow  4) Butterfly pillow

Back Supports:  1) Sacral Eeze 2) Lumbar Back Support 3)Back Hugger Car Support -bucket seat

                           4) Back Hugger Car Support -regular seat


 104_3806_1.jpg  104_3807_1.jpg
 104_3811_2_1.jpg  104_3812_2.jpg
 104_3814_2.jpg  104_3815_2.jpg

Ice Packs and Biofreeze

104_3819_2.jpg  104_3845_1.jpg

Biofreeze roll-on (3 fl oz)                               Small ice pack (10" x 6 ")                         

Biofreeze tube (4 oz)                                     Cervical (neck) ice pack ( 18" x 5")                      

Biofreeze pump (16fl oz)                                Large ice pack ( 12" x 8.5")

Biofreeze pump (32 fl oz)


Theraband - take home




Yellow (light strength) :  Red (medium strength)  : 

Green (heavy strength)  :  Blue (extra heavy strenth)









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The staff was very nice and caring. I recommend you to go if needed. from Dr. Keefe.

Cindy M.
St. Albans, VT

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