What Does Chiropractor Care Really Mean to Me?

As difficult as it is to describe the scent of a rose or the multitude of colors of a sunset, the same challenge faces me when describing the meaning of chiropractic. Please bear with me and forgive any trespass against the purity of the profession I cherish dearly. To the student, chiropractic is direction and focus. It is insurmountable obstacles. Chiropractic allows the clinician to see miracles on a regular basis. What a glorious profession that enables the neophyte to experience firsthand the treasures it possesses!

0200879001555343878.jpgThe experienced chiropractor sees the destructive powers of sublaxations and the wonders of a chiropractic adjustment. This allows the Life Force to flow freely through the sublaxated-free individual. This liberated individual is now enabled to spread the word of chiropractic to the world. Quite possibly, this individual experience life fully for the firs time in their life. A life without disease, a life without stress, a life without fear. I was such a person... So, what is chiropractic to me? Quite simply chiropractic is my love and my life.

Source: SlideShare, "Spinal Dynamics - What is chiropractic." April 2019, slideshare.net.

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