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Thank you for your interest in chiropractic care, nutrition response testing, or health and wellness in the St. Albans, VT area! From all of us at Back to Health, from Dr. Molly and her team, welcome to our chiropractic care website, and congratulations on starting or continuing your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Located at 387 Lake Road in St. Albans, VT, our chiropractic clinic is located in the greater Burlington, VT area, just a couple miles off from Interstate 89 outside of the city, our health and wellness professionals at Back to Health are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their wellness objectives and health goals, combining skill and expertise that spans Dr. Molly and Dr. Nancy's over 60 years of experience as leading Activator method chiropractic doctors.

On our website, DrMolly.com, you can start your journey to chiropractic health and wellness by learning all about what we do here, our philosophies, how we handle insurance or personal injury claims, and much more. Beyond static but up to date information on chiropractic care, you can also learn more about Dr. Molly's expertise in Nutrition Response Testing, as well as the Back to Health Family Chiropractic partnership with Standard Process whole food supplements.

Our staff also maintains a Back to Health Blog, which covers a wide range of topics from information on chiropractic care and nutrition news to tips from Dr. Molly and her team, to special offers; new procedures; and much more. You can also check out an up to date RSS feed or sign up for our newsletter/blogroll to get everything in your preferred reader/email account as soon as they go live!

For more information, check out the navigation above for general topics and landing pages, give us a call at (802) 527-BACK, send us a message, or schedule an appointment today!

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  • Dr.
    Molly Keefe
    Chief Practitioner & Owner

    Dr. Molly Keefe has been a licensed chiropractor and freeing St. Albans, VT area patients from pain associated with chiropractic care and sublaxation since 1995. As a chiropractor specializing in the Activator method with nearly three decades of experience, she is committed to promoting the health and well being of her patients, partner, staff, family, and friends.

    Dr. Molly uses a 'whole-person approach' of chiropractic medicine, combining the very best Activator technique, state of the art physiotherapy procedures, and providing the best natural vitamins and mineral supplements on the market today, empowering all our patients new and old to accelerate and maintain your personal journey to health and wellness.

    To learn more about Dr. Molly including her education and certifications, click the LEARN MORE button below or click here

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  • Jill Keefe-Picioccio
    Chiropractic Assistant

    As a senior member of Back to Health team, Jill has worked with Dr. Molly for over 24 years. The two actually first met when they were undergraduate students at SUNY Plattsburgh, NY where she earned her B.S. in Psychology. After graduation, Jill headed to Marietta, Georgia's Life University, a chiropractic school, where she completed her Chiropractic Technician program. she graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, Jill went on to complete the Chiropractic Technician (C.T.) program at Life College in Marietta, GA, where she received training in all aspects of chiropractic practice, with the exception being literal medical chiropractic work. Since moving to St. Albans in May 1997, this former flatlander from New Jersey immediately fell in love with the low key Vermont way of living, noting 'I simply... I just love it here! Who wouldn't!?'

    Working here at Back to Health and with Dr. Molly has afforded Jill the opportunity to meet endless, incredible folks from all walks of life, and she adores working with patients at our chiropractic and wellness clinic. You can usually find Jill in her office near the front desk, welcoming new patients and returning alike, going over patient ROFs (return of findings; exam outcomes), and by keeping her business partner Dr. Molly in the dark as to where she’s put everything, or as Jill puts it, 'cementing my job security! She’s lost without me!'

    To learn more about Jill, check out her full bio here.

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  • Ethan Keefe

    I'm just a IT guy...

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Due to Covid Staff shortage, our office hours may vary. Please call to make sure we are open.


Office staff: 8am - 5pm

Doctors: 8:15 -10:15 (+Emergencies)


Office staff: 7:30am - 6pm

Doctors: 7:30am-12:00 4:00-6:00


Office staff: 8am - 6pm

Doctors: 2pm - 6pm


Office staff: 7:30am - 4pm

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Office staff: 8am - 1pm

Doctors: 8:15-10 (+ Emergency calls)


Office staff: closed

Doctors: Emergency only


Office staff: closed

Doctors: Emergency only

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Online Patient Reviews


  • "★★★★★
    I was physically assaulted by a client and in a world of pain when I met Dr. Molly. She was patient, gentle, and took her time answering my questions and explaining everything to me. Dr. Molly helped me advocate for my needs with my employers due to my injuries sustained when I was attacked. Seeing her regularly made a huge difference in my physical and mental recovery. I continue to see Dr. Molly for adjustments and will keep going to her. I have always been treated with respect and kindness. She was extremely patient and compassionate with me when I was having anxiety. She has never pushed any supplements on me-only answered my questions when asked about them. I have been a patient for several years. Chiropractor care is not a one and done type of care, you will need more than one visit. I know from experience Dr. Molly will work with you on payment plans, her office is fantastic!"
    Courtney, Yelp
  • "★★★★★
    This office is filled with very kind employees. The environment itself is comfortable, and the staff is top notch in terms of niceness. There was a sense of belonging almost from the moment I walked through the door. I was greeted every appointment by Audrey who remembered my name. The office thinks outside the box - not only do they do chiropractic activator services, they have a special recycle bucket for batteries and a box to collect non perishables for the food shelf. They have relaxing massage tables. Dr Molly made it known day one that she could be called at home any hour of the day or night - something never heard in today's medical field. The rooms were comfortable and clean. The wait was reasonable considering it appears as though they book four people to the same 15 minute time slot (They have four beds)."
    Anonymous, DemandForce
  • "★★★★★
    The staff here is very kind and does a great job at listening and answering any questions. If you want results and great treatment, i would highly recommend place."
    Elese, DemandForce
  • "★★★★★
    I have been seeing Dr. Molly for awhile now and my health issues have gotten better. The Dr.'s and staff are very friendly and helpful and care about their patients well being. I would recommend Back to Health Chiropractic to anyone, but you need to go more than once for you to see any improvement.. You're health issues didn't happen over night & healing doesn't happen by only going once or twice, it takes time. I can walk better than I have been able to in a long time. Works for me you should try it too."
    Lori, DemandForce
  • "★★★★★
    The first appointment I had I felt so comfortable with everyone. It is a very welcoming place."
    Ann, DemandForce
  • "★★★★★
    I didn't know the pain I was having was actually fixable... I thought it was just old age. After my first adjustment I was able to jump right out of bed and bend over painlessly to put my socks on (both were struggles), and after I smashed my back into a car door real hard, Dr. Molly came in on the weekend, even though I didn't think it was necessary (she insisted), and sure enough I felt 100% better. I came into the office as a naysayer on my last option, and gosh do I wish I could have come sooner! Thanks Dr. Molly!"
    Anonymous, DemandForce
  • "★★★★★
    Dr. Molly and her staff truly go above and beyond for their patients. They've accommodated my schedule because they knew I was in tremendous pain even when it truly conflicted with their availability. Dr. Molly's care is gentle and concerned. She is confident in her abilities without being too confident, thus providing cautious yet very experience therapy to the physical issue at hand! THANK YOU!"
    Ginger, Google Local
  • "★★★★★
    very friendly staff, look forward to my next visit"
    drinkvtbeer, Google Local
  • "★★★★★
    I have been a patient of Dr. Molly's for several years and started seeing her after I had been assaulted by a student. She was and continues to be extremely patient, respectful, and compassionate. My physical pain has greatly diminished by having regular adjustments and my flexibility has improved. Dr. Molly and her team are willing to take time to answer all my questions and provide explanations. She has been great at fitting me in when I'm in pain and need to get an appointment as well as rescheduling when I've needed to last minute. Dr. Molly was willing to work with me to set up a payment plan and didn't make me feel bad for needing one. I will continue to refer my family, friends, and even you reading this to Dr. Molly."
    Courtney, Google Local
  • "★★★★☆
    I have always been pleased with the service. Every time I called they were able to fit me in that day or the very next. Dr Molly always has kept me laughing as well. She is extremely knowledgeable. Most of the time one visit was able to solve my pain. I prefer her method vs traditional chiropractic care as the twisting of the next has left me in fear or further pain."
    James, Google Local
  • "★★★★★
    For anyone out there looking at a surgery or painkillers as their only means of relief, give Dr. Molly a call. I'm no doctor, I'm just relaying what happened to ME. Give her a shot and if you follow the easy treatment plan... you'll walk away happy!

    Read the rest of Chris' review and more patients at bitly.com/b2hgoogle."
    Chris, Google Local