Neck Pain


I initally came here because I couldn't turn my head around to back up my car.  Within a month Dr. Molly enabled me to be able to turn my head as wells as relieve other problems with my neck and shoulders. Deb Desautels




Lately I have a pinched nerve in my neck caused by deteriorated discs and bulging disc.  Dr. Molly helped to the extent that I can bowl, exercise and do a full days work without pain.  This is the first I've been without pain for approx. 25 years.    AB


I was having alot of pain in my neck and shoulders; numbness in hands; discomfort in hips & legs. Tried PT, exercises, saw 2 different doctors.  I can turn my head all the way to the right and to the left; it no longer hurts to do so.  I no longer have the numbing sensation in my hands (except if I do alot of driving).  I can walk on my treadmill, or anywhere else and not experience pain in my hips and legs.  I have more energy . KW


A pinched nerve in my neck I couldn't turn my head.  I tried heat, pain meds, hot baths, and neck rubs.  Chiropractic took the neck pain away.  SP


I fell down a circular staircase backwards and landed on the back o my neck-develped severe pain and headaches.  Nothing really helped.  Chiropractic adjustments too the headaches away immediately-slowly and surely the pain in my neck is going away. MC


I had neck pain and could not turn my head to the left.  Also I had headaches and could not hold my head up straight.  After one visit to Dr. Molly I could hold my head up straight.  After two visits I had absolutely no more pain and could move my head and neck without hurting. TD


Sore neck, shoulder and back due to a fight.  Chiropractic helped considerably.  I have been able to work with limited lifting.  BR


Sore neck and stiff. Bad leg and hip pain.  Has tried physical therapy and medicine.  Chiropractic has did great for my neck.  RL


Neck, shoulder pain, headaches, and sciatica.  Tried Cortizone injections, meds, and an MRI.  Chiropractic has helped considerably to ease the pain and made my life so much more able to face another day.  I seems so good to wake up in the morning without pain.  MDB






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