Miss our May 2019 Cold Laser Therapy Offer? Don't worry! We've extended it through June '19!

You want to know the truth? People were a little skeptical of our May 2019 Cold Laser Therapy Special. Sure, we believed in it - that's why we bought a multi-thousand dollar piece of hardware, after all! - but people were wondering why, if this cold laser treatment for chronic pain, scars, inflammation, and so forth so powerful... why were we just announcing it randomly in May? Why not April? Or January? Or a year ago when we got the new-fangled machine from Multi Radiance Medical?

The short answer? Time.

As many of you know, whether you're a current patient or used to come here or if you just know Dr. Molly as lovely St. Albans, VT's chiropractor, she was very ill on-and-off for a few years recently. This has resulted in a bit of a revamping internally, which those of you who've been into see us at 387 Lake Road in St. Albans, VT recently will surely recognize: we picked up a new doctor over that time, we have a new office manager, a new patient advocate, and so forth.

So again - the harsh master we call Father Time is partly to blame.

It's not just that though. After getting the building blocks back in order, we needed a little time to "warm up to" (pun apologetically intended) the cold laser system ourselves. As Dr. Molly and our staff have always done, we don't offer anything we don't that we don't use ourselves, and in the case of edible whole food supplements by Standard Process, we don't offer anything we wouldn't happily swallow ourselves.

Because that's now how you treat yourself; your friends; your family; or your patients. Never Well, not us, that's for sure.

"So get to the to the point, Chris!" I imagine you're either thinking or actually yelling at the screen.

In short (he he), we've had an amazing response to our cold laser therapy treatment. Feel free to read reviews patients left after the first month, but we've had folks come in for 4 to 6 treatments2 already because the chronic pain relief is so incredible, while another patient Nate has used two of the three instruments we have attached to the cold laser machine on three different body parts over the month, stating huge increases in mobility and lack of pain.

With that, I'm happy to tell you that our office manager Audrey and Dr. Molly sat down and decided to extend the Cold Laser Therapy treatment special offer, half off the normal $40 per session price for the rest of June 2019. That's right... try it, or even get your fill2. Take advantage of this 50% off deal while the summer warms up... because the laser stays cool!

Ready to make an appointment? Make an appointment online, here, or give us a call at 802-527-BACK and either Audrey, Jill, or I can set you up.

1 Multi Radiance Medical, What is Super Pulsed Laser Therapy and How Does it Work? youtube.com, May 2019.
2 Though it is not known to be harmful, to allow for proper healing time and to maximize the results of the Cold Laser Therapy treatment, the doctors often recommend only once per week before further counsel. Feel free to email [email protected] to get more info or setup a consult.

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