When a Pretty Yard Wrecks Your Back

Good morning friends and family of Dr. Molly and Back to Health Chiropractic! On behalf of the rest of my team here we hope you enjoyed the actual Spring weather we got this weekend! Those of you not from the Vermont or northern New England landscape might not understand how blessed we are in the northeast to have a 70 degree day in April! While it isn't unheard of, it's also not unheard of (and indeed common) to see snow through the end of the month...

So... yeah. We were excited.

I feel like the mention of Spring weather is a good time to remind you all that raking and lawn care are hard. I don't know about you, but our Office Manager Audrey, Dr. Molly and Jill, and myself all took the day to enjoy the sun shine and clean up our yards. And while I can't speak for the ladies, boy oh boy did I do a number on my back!

Friday, when I got out of work, I raked the ever loving heck out of my yard; you know, really put my back into it, as the saying goes, and good Lord did I feel it Saturday. I had also, admittedly rather foolishly, smashed my back right into the car door when trying to get in the car... it was like I misjudged the entrance by a solid foot! Ha ha... not my proudest moment. At any rate, as an employee here at Back to Health, I'm also a patient.

And let me tell you first hand: Dr. Molly loves her patients.

While talking to her about business related things, I mentioned I'd hit my back. "Are you okay?" she asks. I told her I was and would schedule an appointment for the following week. "No," she tells me, "I am actually at the office right now. Can you stop by?"

Since I live a few blocks away I said sure thing.

I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say I had knocked myself out of whack pretty well with the raking and crashing into my own vehicle. I was writing it off as a bruise, and Dr. Molly took me in, clicked here and there and wherever else with her Activator tool, and... I couldn't believe the difference. Not only was my back free of pain, but my range of motion (ROM) was improved 10 fold.

My point with all this, as you've surely already guessed, is that we are here for you if you notice a tweak, a twinge, or a singing pain. Even if all you did was normal raking and think you're in perfect shape, come see us. We can either put you back together... or make that perfect shape even more Olympian!

To schedule an appointment, whether you're a current patient, an old patient, or a new patient, give us a call at 802-527-BACK, shoot us an email, or click here to fill out an appointment request form.

Together, we can get you... back to health.

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